Little Bird – Don’t Touch The Spikes Game – Play Online Free

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Little Bird – Don’t Touch The Spikes Game – Play Online Free


Little Bird Game - Make a bird fly! Don't touch the spikes!

Get ready for the best arcade game you need to rescue a bird that is stuck between deadly spikes. A casual game with attractive gameplay.

The aim of the player is to help the bird move up while avoiding the spikes/obstacles.

Keep your bird alive as long as possible while avoiding spikes in order to achieve a high score.

If life was easy - it wouldn't be interesting. Life for this bird, our main character ain't easy either: it can't change the direction it's flying, it can only bounce off walls and you need to collect the points to score the best. If that wasn't enough, the walls are full of deadly spikes.

Engage in an engrossing the battle to save a bird from the spikes moving all around it.

Highly addictive and entertaining, the Little Bird game will have you concentrating and focusing on your hand-eye coordination, raising your skill level every time you play it.

The magic world is waiting for you.

Main game features:
- –°asual arcade game.
- Easy, but addictive gameplay.
- Fancy visuals.
- Endless runner.
- Intuitive one-tap controls.
- Probably harder than other games ;)

No need to Download this fun hyper-casual game, just play online for free on any smartphones, tablets, or computers! Your feedback is important to us, so let us know what you think of this game.

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